About Us

About us

SUOYI aims to be a company that is trusted by society, and is committed to becoming a world-renowned new material supplier and solution provider.


We aim to become the world leader in the industry, and we will challenge the world with our solid strength and solid global network that we have continued to refine.


The company mainly deals with products such as zirconium salt, aluminum salt, magnesium salt, sodium salt, lithium salt, calcium salt, barium salt, barium salt and rare earth oxide and fluoride. The application fields include spraying industry, biomedicine, optical glass and artificial gemstone, new energy, automotive industry, petroleum industry, ceramic industry, electronics industry, agriculture, food and other fields.



Hebei Suoyi New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

SUOYI: Chaining world trade, achieving hundreds of millions of livelihoods

Enterprise mission: One-stop solution to foreign customers' demand for advanced ceramic materials!

Corporate Vision: Committed to becoming a world-renowned advanced ceramic material supplier and solution provider, so that Suoyi people are rich because of Suoyi!

Quality control

The QC center of Suoyi chemical is equipped with advanced HPLC, GC and other analysis instruments. We have passed ISO9001 certification, as well as established a complete quality control system to ensure production is efficient, steady and controllable.